Homologous Superfamily

Outer membrane protein/outer membrane enzyme PagP, beta-barrel (IPR011250)

Short name: OMP/PagP_b-brl

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This entry represents a transmembrane beta (8,10)-barrel found in outer membrane proteins such as OmpA, OmpX and NspA, and in the outer membrane enzyme PagP [PMID: 17217961].

OmpA is multifunctional, being required for the action of colicins K and L, and for the stabilisation of mating aggregates in conjugation; it also serves as a receptor for a number of T-even like phages, and can act as a porin with low permeability that allows slow penetration of small solutes [PMID: 17260943]. OmpX is a cation-selective channel that is regulated by osmolarity and by MarA expression [PMID: 15225603]. NspA (Neisseria surface protein A) is an iron-activated membrane protein of unknown function [PMID: 17085550]. The outer membrane enzyme PagP helps pathogenic bacteria to evade the host immune response catalysing palmitate transfer from a phospholipid to a glucosamine unit of lipid A [PMID: 16787090, PMID: 15272304].

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