Conserved Site

Spider toxin CSTX, Knottin scaffold conserved site (IPR011142)

Short name: Spider_toxin_CSTX_Knottin_CS


Spider toxins of the CSTX family are ion channel toxins containing an inhibitor cystine knot structural motif or Knottin scaffold ( The four disulphide bonds present in the CSTX spider toxin family are arranged in the following pattern: 1-4, 2-5, 3-8 and 6-7.

This family includes:

  • Cupiennius salei (Wandering spider) toxin CSTX-1 and its proteolytic products CSTX-2a and CSTX-2b [PMID: 10897091].
  • C. salei (Wandering spider) CSTX-9 [PMID: 11693532].
  • C. salei (Wandering spider) CSTX-13, a neurotoxic enhancer. In contrast to CSTX-1 and CSTX-9, CSTX-13 is a two-chain peptide with two interchain and two intrachain disulphide bridges [PMID: 15272079].

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