Seven cysteines, N-terminal (IPR011106)

Short name: MANSC_N

Overlapping homologous superfamilies


Domain relationships

  • MANSC domain (IPR013980)
    • Seven cysteines, N-terminal (IPR011106)


The MANSC (motif at N terminus with seven cysteines) domain is a module with a well-conserved seven cysteine motif that is present at the N terminus of higher multicellular animal membrane and extracellular proteins. It is possible that some of the cysteine residues in the MANSC domain form structurally important disulphide bridges. All of the MANSC-containing proteins contain predicted transmembrane regions and signal peptides. It has been proposed that the MANSC domain in HAI-1 might function through binding with hepatocyte growth factor activator and matriptase [PMID: 15124631].

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