Homologous Superfamily

Plasmid maintenance toxin/Cell growth inhibitor (IPR011067)

Short name: Plasmid_toxin/cell-grow_inhib

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Bacterial cells remove plasmid-free segregants by the use of toxin/antitoxin systems, where cells that lack plasmids cannot produce the antitoxin required for survival. Several of the toxin components have similar structures, which consists of an SH3-like barrel fold, and contains an inserted beta-sheet subdomain and a C-terminal helix, despite often low sequence identities. Toxins that have this structural fold include CcdB from Escherichia coli, a topoisomerase poison that interferes with DNA gyrase activity [PMID: 9917404], PemK-like YdcE from Bacillus subtilis, Kid toxin (Kis antitoxin) from the E. coli R1 plasmid [PMID: 12377128] and the MazF toxin (MazE antitoxin) from E. coli [PMID: 12718874].

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