Homologous Superfamily

Cytochrome cd1-nitrite reductase-like, haem d1 domain superfamily (IPR011048)

Short name: Haem_d1_sf

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Cytochrome cd1 (cyt cd1) nitrite reductase is a dimeric enzyme of the bacterial periplasm that plays a key role in denitrification, the respiratory reduction of nitrite to nitric oxide in the nitrogen cycle. Each subunit of the cyt cd1 dimer contains one cytochrome c and one d1 haem group [PMID: 12556530]. The active site contains a specialised d1 haem, where the nitrite substrate is bound and reduced. This d1 haem is bound in an 8-bladed beta-propeller, which is also found in some members of the WD40 repeat-containing proteins (IPR001680). This superfamily represents the d1 heme binding domain.

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