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Lipovitellin-phosvitin complex, superhelical domain (IPR011030)

Short name: Lipovitellin_superhlx_dom

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Vitellinogen precursors provide the major egg yolk proteins that are a source of nutrients in the yolk of egg-laying animals. Vitellogenin is a large multidomain protein. In vertebrates, a complete vitellinogen is composed of an N-terminal signal peptide for export, followed by four regions that can be cleaved into yolk proteins: lipovitellin-1 (LV1), phosvitin (PV), lipovitellin-2 (LV2), and a von Willebrand factor type D domain (YGP40) [PMID: 15278911].

The superhelical domain occurs at the N-terminal chain of lipovitellin-1 (LV1N) [PMID: 17314313]. This domain is multihelical, forming two curved, alpha/alpha layers with an overall right-handed superhelix fold. This domain also occurs in other proteins, such as microsomal triglyceride transfer proteins, responsible for the assembly of low-density lipoproteins [PMID: 12135361].

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