KIND domain (IPR011019)

Short name: KIND_dom

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The KIND (kinase non-catalytic C-lobe domain) is a putative protein interaction domain, which has been identified as being similar to the C-terminal protein kinase catalytic fold (C lobe) (see PDOC00100).

The presence of the KIND domain at the N terminus of signalling proteins and the absence of the active site residues in the catalytic and activation loops suggest that it folds independently and is likely to be non-catalytic. The occurrence of the domain only in metazoa implies that it has evolved from the catalytic protein kinase domain into an interaction domain possibly by keeping the substrate-binding features [PMID: 12877999, PMID: 16099729]. In SPIRE1 (protein spire homologue 1) this domain interacts with FMN2 (formin-2) [PMID: 21730168, PMID: 21705804].

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