Homologous Superfamily

Saposin-like (IPR011001)

Short name: Saposin-like

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The lysosomal degradation of several sphingolipids requires the presence of four small glycoproteins called saposins, generated by proteolytic processing of a common precursor, prosaposin [PMID: 9972880]. Saposins have three conserved disulphide bridges, and display a 5-helical, closed, folded leaf topology. Other proteins have been shown to have structures that closely resemble saposin, such as the antimicrobial peptides NK-lysin and granulysin [PMID: 8988855, PMID: 14499265]. Some proteins contain saposin-like domains, such as prophytepsin, an acid protease from plants, and J3-crystallin, an eye-lens protein from jellyfish, both of which contain circularly permuted saposin motifs called swaposin [PMID: 10406799, PMID: 11675486]. In some saposins and saposin-like domains, lipid-binding can promote conformational changes and oligomerization.

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