Type IV conjugative transfer system protein TraH (IPR010927)

Short name: T4SS_TraH

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Six Tra proteins encoded by the F plasmid and required by F(+) cells to elaborate F pili. The six proteins are TraH, TraF, TraW, TraU, TrbI, and TrbB. Except for TrbI, these proteins were all identified as hallmarks of F-like type IV secretion systems (TFSSs), with no homologues among TFSS genes of P-type or I-type systems. With the exception of TrbI, which is an inner membrane protein, the remaining proteins are or are predicted to be periplasmic. TrbI consists of one membrane-spanning segment near its N terminus and an 88-residue, hydrophilic domain that extends into the periplasm [PMID: 15292150]. It has been proposed that the TraH interaction group is to control F-pilus extension and retraction during conjugation [PMID: 2656408, PMID: 11914349, PMID: 1355084].

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