S locus-related glycoprotein 1 binding pollen coat protein (IPR010851)

Short name: SLR1_pollen-bd

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This entry consists of a number of cysteine rich SLR1 binding pollen coat like proteins. Adhesion of pollen grains to the stigmatic surface is a critical step during sexual reproduction in plants. In Brassica, S locus-related glycoprotein 1 (SLR1), a stigma-specific protein belonging to the S gene family of proteins, has been shown to be involved in this step. SLR1-BP specifically binds SLR1 with high affinity. The SLR1-BP gene is specifically expressed in pollen at late stages of development and is a member of the class A pollen coat protein (PCP) family, which includes PCP-A1, an SLG (S locus glycoprotein)-binding protein [PMID: 10716697].

This entry also includes defensin-like proteins. The function of these proteins is uncharacterised.

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