Merozoite surface protein-type (IPR010784)

Short name: Merozoite_SPAM

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This entry consists of several Plasmodium falciparum SPAM (secreted polymorphic antigen associated with merozoites) proteins, also know as merozoite surface proteins. Variation among SPAM alleles is the result of deletions and amino acid substitutions in non-repetitive sequences within and flanking the alanine heptad-repeat domain. Heptad repeats in which the a and d position contain hydrophobic residues generate amphipathic alpha-helices which give rise to helical bundles or coiled-coil structures in proteins. SPAM is an example of a P. falciparum antigen in which a repetitive sequence has features characteristic of a well-defined structural element [PMID: 7891748,PMID: 7893643].

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