Helical and beta-bridge domain (IPR010643)

Short name: HBB

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HBB is the domain on DEAD-box eukaryotic DNA repair helicases ([intenz:3.6.1.-]) that appears to be a unique fold. It's conformation is of alpha-helices 12-16 plus a short beta-bridge to the FeS-cluster domain at the N-terminal. The full-length XPD protein verifies the presence of damage to DNA and allows DNA repair to proceed. XPD is an assembly of several domains to form a doughnut-shaped molecule that is able to separate two DNA strands and scan the DNA for damage. HBB helps to form the overall DNA-clamping architecture [PMID: 18578568]. This family represents a conserved region within a number of eukaryotic DNA repair helicases ([intenz:3.6.1.-]).

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