Neuroblastoma breakpoint family (NBPF) domain (IPR010630)

Short name: NBPF_dom

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This entry represents a highly conserved domain of unknown function which is around 65 residues long. It is primarily found in primate neuroblastoma breakpoint family proteins (NBPF) where it occurs as a repeat. Humans display elevated copy numbers of sequences encoding this domain when compared to other primates, and dramatically elevated copy numbers when compared to mouse/rat lineages. Increased copy number variations at human chromosome location 1q21.1, where most DUF1220-encoding sequences map, have been associated with several cognitive function disorders such as autistic spectrum disorder and schizophrenia [PMID: 19850849]. This domain also occurs in myomegalin and Pde4dip proteins, as well as in other uncharacterised proteins.

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