Fascin (IPR010431)

Short name: Fascin

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This entry represents fascin (FSCN) and its homologues, including FSCN1/2/3 from mammals and protein singed from fruit flies. Fascin is a globular actin cross-linking protein, which functions in forming parallel actin bundles in cell protrusions that are key specialisations of the plasma membrane for environmental guidance and cell migration [PMID: 16002322]. Human FSCN1 organises filamentous actin into bundles with a minimum of 4.1:1 actin/fascin ratio. Overexpression of fascin has been linked to a more aggressive clinical course of cancer [PMID: 16002322].

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0007015 actin filament organization

Molecular Function

GO:0051015 actin filament binding

Cellular Component

No terms assigned in this category.

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