Exopolysaccharide biosynthesis protein YbjH (IPR010344)

Short name: YbjH

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YjbH is a family of Gram-negative beta-barrel outer-membrane lipoproteins that act as putative porins. YbjH is one of four gene-products expressed from an operon, yjbEFGH, which is regulated by the Rcs phosphorelay in a RcsA-dependent manner, similar to that of other exopolysaccharide biosynthetic pathways. It is highly possible that the yjbEFGH operon encodes a system involved in EPS secretion since none of the products is predicted to have enzymic activity, the products are all secreted and YbjH and F are predicted to be beta-barrel lipoproteins similar to porins. It may be that the operon products play some role in biofilm formation and/or matrix production [PMID: 7379715].

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