Type VII secretion system ESAT-6-like (IPR010310)

Short name: T7SS_ESAT-6-like

Family relationships


Members of this protein family include secretion targets for type main variants of type VII secretion systems (T7SS), one found in the Actinobacteria, one found in the Firmicutes. Members of this family usually are ~100 amino acids in length but occasionally have long C-terminal extension [PMID: 18723613].

The best characterised member of this family is ESAT-6. This is a small protein that appears to be of fundamental importance in virulence and protective immunity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Homologues have been detected in other Gram-positive bacterial species. It may represent a novel secretion system potentially driven by the IPR002543 domains in the YukA-like proteins [PMID: 11973144].

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