DNA helicase Pif1-like (IPR010285)

Short name: DNA_helicase_pif1-like

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This entry includes a group of DNA helicases, including Pif1 and Rrm3 from budding yeasts and Pfh1 from fusion yeast. This entry also includes Pif1 like proteins from prokaryotes and eukaryotes including plants.

Pif1 is a DNA helicase conserved from bacteria to humans [PMID: 17172855, PMID: 16522649]. It suppresses both G-quadruplex-associated DNA damage and telomere lengthening. In budding yeast, it exists in two forms, nuclear form and mitochondrial form. Its nuclear form inhibits telomerase, while its mitochondrial form is involved in repair and recombination of mitochondrial DNA [PMID: 10926538, PMID: 10693764].

In budding yeasts, another DNA replicative helicase, Rrm3 is recruited to paused replisomes to promote fork progression throughout nonhistone protein-DNA complexes, naturally occurring impediments that are encountered in each S phase where replication forks pauses [PMID: 10693764]. It shares protein sequence similarities with another DNA helicase, Pif1. However, their functions are different. Rrm3 promotes telomere replication, while Pif1 inhibits telomere replication [PMID: 10693764]. They also have opposite effects on replication fork progression in ribosomal DNA [PMID: 10693764].

In fission yeasts, Pfh1 is required for the maintenance of both mitochondrial and nuclear genome stability [PMID: 12058079, PMID: 18725402].

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0006281 DNA repair
GO:0000723 telomere maintenance

Molecular Function

GO:0003678 DNA helicase activity

Cellular Component

No terms assigned in this category.

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