Homologous Superfamily

B12-dependent dehydratases, beta subunit (IPR010254)

Short name: B12-dep_deHydtase_bsu

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This superfamily includes the beta (or middle) subunit of the oligomeric (alpha2beta2gamma2) diol dehydratases (DDH) and glycerol dehydratases (GDH), which are enzymes produced by some enterobacteria, as well as the beta subunit of the tetrameric (alpha2beta2) glycerol dehydratase reactivase, which removes damaged coenzyme B12 from GDH that has suffered mechanism-based inactivation [PMID: 12788698, PMID: 12517345]. The beta subunit of GDH reactivase resembles that of GDH and DDH, displaying a three-layer alpha/beta/alpha fold, except that the reactivase subunit lacks some B12-binding elements.

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