[LysW]-lysine/[LysW]-ornithine hydrolase (IPR010175)

Short name: LysK

Overlapping homologous superfamilies


Family relationships

  • Peptidase M20 (IPR002933)
    • [LysW]-lysine/[LysW]-ornithine hydrolase (IPR010175)


Several bacteria and archaea utilize the amino group-carrier protein, LysW, for lysine biosynthesis from alpha-aminoadipate (AAA). In some cases, such as Sulfolobus, LysW is also used to protect the amino group of glutamate in arginine biosynthesis. After LysW modification, AAA and glutamate are converted to lysine and ornithine, respectively, by a single set of enzymes with dual functions [PMID: 23434852].

LysK catalyzes the release of L-lysine from [LysW]-gamma-L-lysine in the lysine biosynthetic pathway and the release of L-ornithine from [LysW]-L-ornithine in the arginine biosynthetic pathway [PMID: 11852094].

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0009085 lysine biosynthetic process

Molecular Function

GO:0050897 cobalt ion binding
GO:0016811 hydrolase activity, acting on carbon-nitrogen (but not peptide) bonds, in linear amides
GO:0008270 zinc ion binding

Cellular Component

GO:0005737 cytoplasm

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