Non-ribosomal peptide synthase (IPR010060)

Short name: NRPS_synth

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This entry represents a region of 171 amino acids long and contains three very highly conserved regions. At the N terminus is a nearly invariant lysine (position 11) followed by xxxRxxPxxGxGYG in which the proline and the first glycine are invariant. This is followed approximately 22 residues later by the motif FNYLG. Near the C terminus of the domain is the sequence TxSD where the serine and aspartate are nearly invariant. This domain appears to be located immediately downstream from a condensation domain (IPR001242), and is followed primarily by the end of the molecule or another condensation domain (or, in a few cases, it is followed by IPR000873, an AMP-binding module). The converse is not true, IPR001242 domains are not always followed by this domain, which implicates this domain in possible post-condensation modification events.

This region has so far been found in a variety of peptide synthases including

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