HAD-superfamily phosphatase, subfamily IIIC (IPR010033)

Short name: HAD_SF_ppase_IIIC

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This entry represents the IIIC subfamily of the Haloacid Dehalogenase (HAD) superfamily of aspartate nucleophile hydrolases. Subfamily III, which includes subfamily IIIA (IPR006549) and subfamily IIIB (IPR005519) contains sequences which do not contain either of the insert domains between the 1st and 2nd conserved catalytic motifs, subfamily I (IPR006439, IPR006545, IPR006434, and IPR006435), or between the 2nd and 3rd, subfamily II (IPR006357, and IPR006379). Subfamily IIIC contains five relatively distantly related clades: a family of viral proteins (IPR007827), a family of eukaryotic proteins called MDP-1 and a family of archaeal proteins most closely related to MDP-1 (IPR010036), a family of bacteria including the Streptomyces FkbH protein (IPR010037), and a small clade including the Pasteurella multocida BcbF and EcbF proteins. The overall lack of species overlap among these clades may indicate a conserved function, but the degree of divergence between the clades and the differences in architecture outside of the domain in some clades warns against such a conclusion. No member of this subfamily is characterised with respect to function, however the MDP-1 protein [PMID: 11601995] is a characterised phosphatase. All of the characterised enzymes within subfamily III are phosphatases, and all of the active site residues characteristic of HAD-superfamily phosphatases [PMID: 7966317] are present in subfamily IIIC.

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