LppX/LprAFG lipoprotein family (IPR009830)

Short name: LppX/LprAFG

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This entry consists of several lipoproteins mainly from Mycobacterium species, collectively known as the LppX/LprAFG family. Proteins in this entry include:

  • LprG (P0A5I8) from Mycobacterium tuberculosis: an immunogenic 27 kDa membrane-associated lipoprotein [PMID: 9387238]. Expression of the LprG protein is essential for the growth of M. tuberculosis in immunocompetent mice [PMID: 14998516]. Purification of LprG showed that it inhibits MHC-II antigen processing in primary human macrophages, providing a mechanism to avoid the host MHC-II-restricted CD4+ T cell response which is considered essential for control of M. tuberculosis infection [PMID: 15294983].
  • LppX: a lipoprotein required for the translocation of complex lipids to the outer membrane of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Its structure consists of a U-shaped beta-half-barrel with a large hydrophobic cavity [PMID: 16541102].
  • LprF: a membrane lipoprotein involved in the kdp signal transduction pathway, thought to be the primary response to osmotic stress [PMID: 12581360].
  • lprA: a lipoprotein agonist of TLR2 that regulates innate immunity and APC function [PMID: 16785538].

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