Thioredoxin-like ferredoxin (IPR009737)

Short name: Aim32/Apd1-like

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This entry includes proteins from fungi, plants and bacteria. Proteins in this entry contain a ferredoxin-like fold. They are predicted ferredoxins, which are iron-sulfur (Fe-S) proteins that may play a role in redox sensing and electron transfer [PMID: 25600293]. Some members appear to have sucrolytic activity [PMID: 7957893]. The putative active site of the ferredoxin-like domain of the enzyme contains two cysteines and two histidines for possible binding to iron-sulfur clusters, compared to four cysteines present in the active site of ferredoxin [PMID: 7957893].

Two budding yeast proteins, Aim32 and Apd1, are included in this entry. Apd1 is an Fe-S protein and is involved in cellular defense against hydroxyurea [PMID: 25600293]. It is required for normal localisation of actin patches in budding yeasts [PMID: 10628851]. The function of Aim32 is not clear.

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