Galactose-3-O-sulfotransferase (IPR009729)

Short name: Gal-3-0_sulfotransfrase

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This family consists of several animal galactose-3-O-sulphotransferases, including GAL3ST1-4. GAL3ST1 (also known as Cst, cerebroside sulfotransferase) is responsible for the biosynthesis of two types of sulfoglycolipids, sulfatide (HSO3-3-galactosylceramide) and seminolipid (HSO3-3-monogalactosylalkylacylglycerol), in mammals. It catalyses the sulfation of membrane glycolipids and seems to prefer beta-glycosides at the non-reducing termini of sugar chains attached to a lipid moiety. It also catalyses the synthesis of galactosylceramide sulfate (sulfatide), a major lipid component of the myelin sheath and of monogalactosylalkylacylglycerol sulfate (seminolipid), present in spermatocytes [PMID: 11917099].

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0009247 glycolipid biosynthetic process

Molecular Function

GO:0001733 galactosylceramide sulfotransferase activity

Cellular Component

GO:0005794 Golgi apparatus
GO:0016021 integral component of membrane

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