Toluene-4-monooxygenase system B (IPR009355)

Short name: Toluene_mOase_B

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This family includes several toluene-4-monooxygenase system (EC: protein B (TmoB) sequences. Pseudomonas mendocina KR1 metabolises toluene as a carbon source. The initial step of the pathway is hydroxylation of toluene to form p-cresol by a multicomponent toluene-4-monooxygenase (T4MO) system [PMID: 1885512].

Also included in the family is subunit gamma of the alkene monooxygenase multicomponent enzyme system (EC: from Xanthobacter autotrophicus which catalyzes the O2- and NADH-dependent epoxidation of short chain (C2 to C6) alkenes to their corresponding epoxides [PMID: 9312093].

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