Oligogalacturonate-specific porin (IPR009331)

Short name: Oligogalacturonate-sp_porin

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This family consists of several bacterial proteins which are homologous to the oligogalacturonate-specific porin protein KdgM (Q934G3) from Erwinia chrysanthemi. The phytopathogenic Gram-negative bacteria E. chrysanthemi secretes pectinases, which are able to degrade the pectic polymers of plant cell walls, and uses the degradation products as a carbon source for growth. KdgM is a major outer membrane protein, whose synthesis is strongly induced in the presence of pectic derivatives. KdgM behaves like a voltage-dependent porin that is slightly selective for anions and that exhibits fast block in the presence of trigalacturonate. In contrast to most porins, KdgM seems to be monomeric [PMID: 11773048].

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