Gamma-glutamylcyclotransferase, AIG2-like (IPR009288)

Short name: AIG2-like

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This entry represents a domain found in a group of gamma-glutamyl cyclotransferases (GGACTs), including AIG2 from Arabidopsis. GGACT is a ubiquitous enzyme found in bacteria, plants, and metazoans from Dictyostelium through to humans. It converts gamma-glutamylamines to free amines and 5-oxoproline [PMID: 20110353, PMID: 20851126, PMID: 17462573].

AIG2 is an Arabidopsis protein that exhibit RPS2- and avrRpt2-dependent induction early after infection with Pseudomonas syringae pv maculicola strain ES4326 carrying avrRpt2 [PMID: 8742710]. Its structure consists of a five-stranded beta-barrel surrounded by two alpha-helices and a small beta-sheet. A long flexible alpha-helix protrudes from the structure at the C-terminal end. Conserved residues in a hydrophilic cavity, which are able to bind small ligands, may act as an active site in AIG2-like proteins [PMID: 16754964].

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