SERTA domain (IPR009263)

Short name: SERTA_dom

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The SERTA (for SEI-1, RBT-1, and TARA) domain is a motif of ~47 residues corresponding to the largest conserved region among TRIP-Br (transcriptional regulator interacting with the PHD-bromodomain) proteins, an evolutionarily conserved family restricted to higher eukaryotes. In proteins of the TRIP-Br family, the SERTA domain is found in association with a cyclin A-binding domain and a PHD-bromo binding domain. The SERTA domain is also found in some other proteins with no conservation with TRIP-Br proteins outside of the SERTA motif. The cyclin-dependent kinase CDK4-interacting segment of TRIP-Br1 includes most of the SERTA domain [PMID: 11861561].

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