Protein of unknown function DUF896 (IPR009242)

Short name: DUF896

Family relationships



In B. subtilis, one small SOS response operon under the control of LexA, the yneA operon, is comprised of three genes: yneA, yneB, and ynzC [PMID: 12581363]. This family consists of several short, hypothetical bacterial proteins of unknown function. These proteins are mainly found in Gram-positive firmicutes. Structures show that the N terminus is composed of two alpha helices forming a helix-loop-helix motif. The structure of ynzC from B. subtilis forms a trimeric complex [PMID: 18431750]. Structural modelling suggests this domain may bind nucleic acids [PMID: 21348639]. This family is also known as UPF0291.

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