Predicted virulence protein, SciE type (IPR009211)

Short name: Virulence_prot_SciE-typ

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This entry contains proteins of unknown function that occur in bacteria that interact with and manipulate eukaryotic cells [PMID: 12437215].

Salmonella enterica protein SciE is encoded in the centisome 7 genomic island (SCI) [PMID: 10417651]. Deletion of the entire island affects the ability of bacteria to enter eukaryotic cells [PMID: 12437215]. Therefore, SciE and other SCI proteins may be involved in virulence.

Interestingly, another member of this family, Rhizobium leguminosarum protein ImpE, has been reported to be encoded by an avirulence locus involved in temperature-dependent protein secretion [PMID: 12580282]. It is believed that the imp locus is involved in the secretion to the environment of proteins, including periplasmic RbsB protein, that cause blocking of R. leguminosarum infection in plants [PMID: 12580282].

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