Predicted nickel metalloenzyme maturation factor, AIR synthase-related (IPR009186)

Short name: Ni_metllenz_mat

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The large subunit of [NiFe]-hydrogenase--as well as other nickel metalloenzymes--is synthesized as a precursor devoid of the metalloenzyme active site. This precursor then undergoes a complex post-translational maturation process that requires a number of accessory proteins [PMID: 11336840, PMID: 12196162].

One such group of accessory proteins is represented by IPR011854, whose members are from archaea and are required for hydrogenase maturation [PMID: 1482271, PMID: 7906310] (though their exact function is still unknown). Proteins from this family have similar sequences to IPR011854 members. Thus, members of this family are predicted to play a role in maturation of some nickel metalloenzyme(s). However, other functions can not be ruled out. Both this family and IPR011854 are related to proteins that use both purine derivatives and ATP as substrates. They belong to a superfamily of AIR synthase-related proteins that also includes PurM phosphoribosylaminoimidazole synthetase (AIR synthase), thiamine monophosphate kinase (IPR006283), phosphoribosylformylglycinamidine synthase (FGAM synthase, PIRSF001587), and selenophosphate synthase (selenide, water dikinase). They all contain two conserved domains and seem to dimerize. The N-terminal domain forms the dimer interface and is a putative ATP binding domain [PMID: 11006546].

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