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DAPIT (IPR009125)

Short name: DAPIT

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Streptozotocin (STZ) is an analogue of glucose that destroys the pancreatic beta-cells, resulting in marked insulin deficiency and consequently altered glucose metabolism and a diabetic-like state. For this reason STZ-induced diabetes is the standard experimental model for diabetic research in animals. The major tissues where glucose metabolism is regulated by insulin are skeletal muscle and adipose.

Expression analysis experiments in rats exhibiting STZ-induced diabetes identified a novel gene with down-regulated expression in skeletal muscle. The transcript contained an open reading frame for a 58-residue putative protein, designated Diabetes-Associated Protein in Insulin-sensitive Tissues (DAPIT). DAPIT was found to be expressed in all tissues subjected to Northern blot analysis, highest levels being found in skeletal and cardiac muscle, both of which are insulin sensitive. DAPIT contains a sequence of hydrophobic amino acids from residues 27-46 that is predicted to contain a possible transmembrane region. Other members of the family have been found to be up-regulated in response to active stretch of skeletal muscle.

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