Homologous Superfamily

Four-helical cytokine-like, core (IPR009079)

Short name: 4_helix_cytokine-like_core

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This superfamily contains a domain with a core structure consisting of a closed bundle of four helices in a left-handed twist, with two crossover connections. Proteins containing this domain include long-chain cytokines, such as leukaemia inhibitory factor (LIF) [PMID: 14511776], the growth hormone somatotropin [PMID: 14507421], interleukin-6 [PMID: 9118960] and leptin [PMID: 9144295]; short-chain cytokines, such as erythropoietin [PMID: 9783743], stem cell factor (SCF) [PMID: 10880433], macrophage colony-stimulating factor (M-CSF) and interleukin-2, -3, -4, -5 and -13; and interferons/interleukin-10.

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