Homologous Superfamily

S15/NS1, RNA-binding (IPR009068)

Short name: S15_NS1_RNA-bd

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The RNA-binding domains of the ribosomal protein S15 and the influenza virus non-structural protein NS1 share the same structural fold, consisting of three helices in an irregular array. S15 is one of 21 proteins in the small, bacterial 30S ribosomal subunit, and is required for assembly of the subunit through its binding to 16S rRNA [PMID: 10742169]. The multifunctional glutamyl-prolyl-tRNA synthase (EPRS) contains three tandem repeats linking two catalytic domains, all three of which contribute to RNA-binding; the second repeated element bears structural resemblance to the S15/NS1 RNA-binding domain [PMID: 11123902].

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