Pheromone, protozoan (IPR009064)

Short name: Pheromone_protoz

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Protozoan pheromones are cell-type specific protein signals. This entry represents a family of mating ciliate pheromones (or gamones) from the protozoan Euplotes raikovi, including Er-1, Er-2, Er-10, Er11 and Er22. These pheromones are diffusible extracellular communication signals that distinguish different intra-specific classes of cells commonly referred to as 'mating types'. Pheromones prepare these cells for conjugation by changing their cell surface properties. The mitogenic activity induced by Er pheromone autocrine signalling can be inhibited by cAMP [PMID: 12681291]. The NMR structure of several pheromones have been determined, revealing a closed up-and-down bundle of three helices with a left-handed twist [PMID: 7833812, PMID: 7833811, PMID: 8515452, PMID: 8844842, PMID: 11246857]. In some cases, different pheromones can compete with each other in binding to their cell-surface receptors.

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