Homologous Superfamily

Putative DNA-binding domain superfamily (IPR009061)

Short name: DNA-bd_dom_put_sf

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A putative DNA-binding domain with a conserved structure is found in several different protein families. The core structure of the domain consists of a three-helical fold that is architecturally similar to that of the "winged-helix" fold, but is topologically distinct. Representatives of this domain can be found in domains B1 and B5 from the beta subunit of phenylalanine-tRNA synthetases [PMID: 11679717], the C-terminal region of the DNA/RPA-binding domain of the DNA excision repair factor XPA [PMID: 10563794], the N-terminal domain of the transcriptional activators BmrR and MtaN [PMID: 11201751], the most conserved domain of the retinal development protein Dachshund [PMID: 12057194], and the DNA-binding domain of the gpNU1 subunit from the bacteriophage lambda viral packing protein terminase [PMID: 12049735].

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