Homologous Superfamily

Translation elongation factor EF1A/initiation factor IF2gamma, C-terminal (IPR009001)

Short name: Transl_elong_EF1A/Init_IF2_C

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A beta barrel of circularly permuted topology is found in the C terminus of many translation elongation and initiation factors. This domain is found in the elongation factors EF1A (or EF-Tu) of both eukaryotes and prokaryotes, which functions to recognise and transport aminoacyl-tRNA to the acceptor (A) site of the ribosome during the elongation process [PMID: 10715211, PMID: 11106763]. This domain is also found in the initiation factor IF2 gamma subunit of eukaryotes [PMID: 11927566], which functions to transport the initiator methionyl-tRNA to the ribosome. The C-terminal extension of mitochondrial EF1A (or EF-Tu) has structural similarities with DNA recognising zinc fingers, suggesting that the extension may be involved in recognition of RNA.

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