Homologous Superfamily

Actin-crosslinking (IPR008999)

Short name: Actin-crosslinking

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This superfamily represents an actin-crosslinking domain with a beta-trefoil structure, consisting of a triplet of beta-hairpins packed against a six-stranded antiparallel beta-barrel. Proteins containing this domain include fascin, which carries a tandem repeat of four copies of this domain, and the histidine-rich actin-binding protein hisactophilin. Actin-crosslinking proteins organise actin filaments into dynamic and complex subcellular scaffolds that orchestrate important mechanical functions, including cell motility and adhesion [PMID: 15992772].

The fascins are a structurally unique and evolutionarily conserved group of actin cross-linking proteins. Fascins function in the organisation of two major forms of actin-based structures: dynamic, cortical cell protrusions and cytoplasmic microfilament bundles [PMID: 12507891].

A related protein, hisactophilin, is an essential protein for the osmoprotection of dictyostelium cells [PMID: 11847289, PMID: 11996675].

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