Cytokine, IL-1-like (IPR008996)

Short name: Cytokine_IL1-like

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Human basic fibroblast growth factor (hFGF-2)1 is a globular single chain heparin-binding polypeptide synthesized by different cell types and is involved in processes associated with proliferation and differentiation of cells. The determination of the three-dimensional structure of hFGF-2 by x-ray crystallography revealed a complex all beta-sheet protein without any disulphide bond. The overall structure shows strong homology with the fold of interleukin-1 and can be described as a trigonal pyramid with three topological units consisting each of four anti-parallel beta-sheets, giving the molecules internal pseudo three-fold symmetry. Both proteins share only 10-13% sequence identity, but superposition of their carbon backbone involves 9 of the 12 beta-sheet strands, including the anti-parallel beta-sheet incorporating the N- and C-terminal regions of the molecules [PMID: 10567376].

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