Homologous Superfamily

Chondroitin AC/alginate lyase (IPR008929)

Short name: Chondroitin_lyas

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Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are highly negatively charged polysaccharides, formed from disaccharide repeating units. For a number of bacterial species, including Flavobacterium heparinum synthesize GAG lyases, these enzymes are used to degrade and utilise glycosaminoglycans as a source of carbon in the bacterium's natural environment. In topological terms, the known structures of polysaccharide lyases fall within two protein fold families. Pectin and pectate lyases, as well as chondroitin lyase B belong to the right-handed parallel beta-helix family and have the substrate-binding site in roughly the same topological location. The second topological family, all of which contain a domain consisting of an incomplete (alpha/alpha)5 toroid, includes chondroitin AC lyase family, and alginate lyase A1-III family from Sphingomonas species A1 [PMID: 11327856].

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