Toluene tolerance Ttg2/phospholipid-binding protein MlaC (IPR008869)

Short name: MlaC/ttg2D

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Family relationships


This family includes toluene tolerance protein Ttg2 and intermembrane phospholipid transport system binding protein MlaC. Proteins in this family show similarity to ABC transporters [PMID: 9658016, PMID: 19383799].

Toluene tolerance is mediated by increased cell membrane rigidity resulting from changes in fatty acid and phospholipid compositions, exclusion of toluene from the cell membrane, and removal of intracellular toluene by degradation [PMID: 9020089]. Ttg2 is one of the many proteins involved in these processes [PMID: 9658016].

MlaC actively prevents phospholipid accumulation at the cell surface. It probably maintains lipid asymmetry in the outer membrane by retrograde trafficking of phospholipids from the outer membrane to the inner membrane. It may transfer phospholipid across the periplasmic space and deliver it to the mlaFEDB complex at the inner membrane [PMID: 19383799].

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