TEP1, N-terminal (IPR008850)

Short name: TEP1_N


Telomerase protein component 1 (TP1/TLP1) or TEP1 is a protein component of two ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complexes: vaults and telomerase. Vaults are large RNP particles with a barrel-like structure (IPR002499). The telomerase RNP replenishes incomplete chromosome termini due to DNA replication. Mammalian TEP1 is an RNA-binding protein and is required for the association of vault RNA with the vault particle [PMID: 11149928, PMID: 15701761]. The N-terminal part of TEP1 contains 4 copies of the TEP1 N-terminal repeat in tandem. The repeat is composed of 30 amino acids and occurs in combination with the TROVE (IPR008858) and NACHT (IPR007111) domains and with WD-40 repeats (see IPR001680) in the C-terminal part.

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