Glycosyl hydrolases 36 (IPR008811)

Short name: Glycosyl_hydrolases_36

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This family consists of several galactinol-sucrose galactosyltransferase proteins, also known as raffinose synthases, which is a widespread oligosaccharide in plant seeds and other tissues. Raffinose synthase (EC: is the key enzyme that channels sucrose into the raffinose oligosaccharide pathway [PMID: 12244450]. Raffinose family oligosaccharides (RFOs) are ubiquitous in plant seeds and are thought to play critical roles in the acquisition of tolerance to desiccation and seed longevity. Raffinose synthases are alkaline alpha-galactosidases and are solely responsible for RFO breakdown in germinating maize seeds, whereas acidic galactosidases appear to have other functions [PMID: 18335235]. Glycoside hydrolase family 36 can be split into 11 families, GH36A to GH36K [PMID: 21639842]. This family includes enzymes from GH36C.

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