Bacteriophage SPP1, head-tail adaptor (IPR008767)

Short name: Phage_SPP1_head-tail_adaptor

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This entry describes the head-tail adaptor protein of bacteriophage SPP1 and related proteins in other bacteriophage and prophage regions of bacterial genomes. Homologues are also found in Gene Transfer Agents (GTA) [PMID: 11382219], including ORFg7 (RCAP_rcc01689) of the GTA of Rhodobacter capsulatus (Rhodopseudomonas capsulata) (see Fig.1, in [PMID: 12399927]).

In bacteriophage SPP1, the gp16 protein functions as a stopper, locking the viral DNA into the capsid. When the tail attachment binds to the entry receptor, gp16 opens by a diaphragm-like motion, allowing the genome to exit the capsid through the tail tube to the host cell. During virion assembly, gp16 functions as a docking platform to which the preassembled tail binds [PMID: 25991862].

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