BES1/BZR1 plant transcription factor, N-terminal (IPR008540)

Short name: BES1_N

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This entry represents the N-terminal regions of several plant transcription factors. It is classified as BES1/BZR1, a plant-specific transcription factor that cooperates with transcription factors such as BIM1 to regulate brassinosteroid-induced genes [PMID: 15680330].

Proteins containing this domain are transcriptional repressors involved in controlling the response to Brassinosteroids (BRs). BRs are plant hormones that play essential roles in growth and development. BZR1 binds directly to DNA repressing the synthesis of genes involved in BR synthesis. Phosphorylation of BZR1 by BIN1 targets BZR1 to the 20S proteosome, while dephosphorylation leads to nuclear accumulation of BZR1 [PMID: 15681342].

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