NFACT, RNA-binding domain (IPR008532)

Short name: NFACT_RNA-bd

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This domain occurs in proteins that have been annotated as fibronectin/fibrinogen binding protein by similarity. This annotation comes from O34693 where the N-terminal region is involved in this activity [PMID: 8063411]. This entry represents an RNA binding domain in the NFACT (NEMF, FbpA, Caliban, and Tae2) proteins. This domain is found in two eukaryotic gene contexts: fused to the NFACT-N and NFACT-C domains in the NFACT protein involved in the ribosomal quality control pathway which contributes to CAT-tailing, and as a standalone domain [PMID: 24646681]. Additionally this domain contains a conserved motif D/E-X-W/Y-X-H that may be functionally important.

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