Collagen-binding surface protein Cna-like, B-type domain (IPR008454)

Short name: Collagen-bd_Cna-like_B-typ_dom

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This entry represents a repeated B region domain found in the collagen-binding surface protein Cna in Staphylococcus aureus, as well as other related domains. Cna has a non-repetitive, collagen-binding A region IPR008456, followed by instances of this B region repetitive unit. The B region has one to four 23 kDa repeat units (B1-B4) each with a prealbumin-like beta-sandwich fold of seven strands in two sheets with a Greek key topology [PMID: 10673425]. Each B repeat unit has two highly similar domains (D1 and D2) placed side-by-side; both D1 and D2 are included in this entry. The domain appears to form a stalk that presents the ligand binding domain away from the bacterial cell surface. Cna is a collagen-binding MSCRAMM (Microbial Surface Component Recognizing Adhesive Matrix Molecules), and is necessary and sufficient for S. aureus cells to adhere to cartilage [PMID: 12700253, PMID: 10036727].

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