Allexivirus 40kDa (IPR008398)

Short name: Allexi_40kDa

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This family of sequences contains the 40kDa polypeptides from garlic viruses (Allexiviruses), which do not resemble any other plant virus gene products reported so far [PMID: 8376963].

Rod-shaped flexuous viruses have been isolated from garlic plants, Allium sativum. Infection by this virus creates typical mosaic symptoms. The core-like sequence of a zinc finger protein preceded by a cluster of basic amino acid residues shows similarities to the corresponding 12K proteins of the potexviruses and carlaviruses [PMID: 8376963]. Viral epidemics by allexiviruses are also known to be caused by aphids and eriophyid mites (Aceria tulipae) carrying Potyviruses, Carlaviruses, and Allexiviruses [PMID: 18092468].

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