Saposin B type, region 2 (IPR008138)

Short name: SapB_2

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Saposins are small lysosomal proteins that serve as activators of various lysosomal lipid-degrading enzymes [PMID: 7595087]. They probably act by isolating the lipid substrate from the membrane surroundings, thus making it more accessible to the soluble degradative enzymes. All mammalian saposins are synthesized as a single precursor molecule (prosaposin) which contains four Saposin-B domains, yielding the active saposins after proteolytic cleavage, and two Saposin-A domains that are removed in the activation reaction. The Saposin-B domains also occur in other proteins, many of them active in the lysis of membranes [PMID: 8003971, PMID: 8868085].

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