Lipocalin-interacting membrane receptor (IPR008075)

Short name: LIMR

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Beyond its interaction with Lipocalin-1 (Lcn-1), the precise physiological function of lipocalin-1 interacting membrane receptor (LIMR) is unknown [PMID: 11287427]. LIMR can mediate the internalization of Lcn-1 in cultured cells, suggesting a role in cell signaling [PMID: 12591932]. It could be involved in the detoxification of the ligands bound to Lcn-1, either transferring the ligand into the cell, or acting as a detoxification protein itself [PMID: 1400345]. A member of this family in Drosophila, protein Lilipod, has been shown to have an important role in modulating bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling [PMID: 26512105].

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